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A Futuristic Mansion That Looks Like The Legendary Starship Millennium Falcon

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A luxurious futuristic mansion was built to be like the Millennium Falcon of Star Wars. This space aged home Alkira in the Daintree is situated near Cape Tribulation in Queensland, Australia and was built in 2009 by a Melbourne designer Charles Wright.

The dwelling was built for a retired stamp dealer Rod Perry who says that this out-of-this-world design was built by a genius.

Surrounded by forest on one side and mountains on the other, this $15 Million mansion was made out of concrete steel and glass that sits 11 meters above the water.

The house features three car garages and a pool. The home also features a fully equipped outdoor kitchen with a modern concrete and steel design that offers great view of the stunning rainforest and the pool. It has four bedrooms all with unique shapes, and bathrooms that are filled with marbles and others with bamboo and wood heavily alongside the marble.

Suspended on the top of an engineered lake is a helipad, open air theater and state-of-the-art wine cellar.

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