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abraham cota paredes plants single tree inside cave house in mexico

a stark white cube sits on a stone base, the minimal opens obscuring what is enclosed inside and aiming to provoke interest to people passing by. named ‘la cueva’, or ‘the cave’, the residence is located in guadalaja, mexico, and the design centered around creating a family-oriented space.

all images © arq. cesar béjar



completed by abraham cota paredes arquitectos, despite being called ‘the cave’, the spaces inside are filled with light. the same clean and white palette continues throughout the interior to provide a neutral backdrop in a double-height atrium devoid of any furniture, placing focus on a single tree that has been planted at the center.

the building rests upon a stone base



on this ground floor, the tree rises and fills the full-height space; the branches reaching towards the surrounding spaces. this void, acts as an articulator, providing an indirect spatial relationship between the entrance on both levels and the dining room. behind this tree, a large south facing window bathes this central space with natural light and looks out towards the rear patio.

an outer stairway leads up to the half level



‘when you enter the house, whether by the basement or the ground floor, the tree welcomes you, as a host who opens its arms to welcome you.’ –  abraham cota paredes

a white material palette with marble flooring has been chosen to reflect a clean and luxurious setting



on the second storey, the rooms of the children are located and a large window on each of these levels offers glimpses of the neighborhood. a staircase with a solid handrail injects a sculptural character to the space, which in turn leads to another double height that continues with the other level of the house. openings and volumes throughout follow a simple yet sculptural aesthetic, with a material palette focused on raw contrasting materials activated by natural light.

‘the cave’ is sited in the metropolitan area of guadalajara



limpses of the tree can be seen throughout

the children’s rooms are located on the top floor

the home is illuminated from within, producing a slight glow

the monolithic exterior obscures the program inside

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