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About Us

Our company was founded 40 years ago by Polemarchos and Dimitrios Gazepidis with unlimited perspective, dreams and ideas. Both founders of the company had an intense interest in designing buildings of high aesthetic value. They emphasized both on decorative and functional aspects of a building and its interiors, giving to each structure traditional and timeless beauty characteristics that were highly appreciated by the public. Every new project was a challenge to deliver to people residences of high quality, functional spaces and architectural beauty.

Based on these same principles, the company has now been enriched with new family members that share the visions of the founders of the company and consistently try to catch up with innovative ideas and market’s needs. With commitment and hard work, we are able to overcome the obstacles and difficulties of our times.

Throughout the years our company has constructed approximately 30 buildings in various suburbs and provided residences to more than 400 Greek families.

For our buildings we make a selection of strong materials that ensure the durability, strength and safety of each project. Taking into consideration the economical difficulties that many families encounter, we try to supply the flats with the most effective, certified materials at affordable prices. Some of the companies that we trust for our work are EUROPA, PORCELANA, BENJAMIN MOORE, SEYDAP, KOUROS, AFENDRAS, KAPARELI, MPITROS and more.

By remaining responsive to the requirements of changing times and the needs of our clients, we managed to grow as a company and still work with the same passion and creativity. Thirty years after our establishment, we remain positive for a future full of prospects.