Construction Services


Constructions Services

Design - Supervision - Construct

Design is the first step to the realization of any construction, is the stage where ideas and discussions are reflected in projects. The experience becomes even more valuable as the work progresses. At this stage are required quick and accurate decisions. Construction today is in a period of transition since the needs have changed.


Αesthetic solutions, quality construction and impeccable functional application in renovations, repairs, residential additions, commercial interiors and exteriors. A renovation requires a number of associated work with specific goals, such as compliance with the technical and cost restrictions, time and quality.

Purchase of Plots

The prosperity of our companies, which is the result of the prudent and rational financial management their directors have showed over time, gave us the possibility to give priority on the purchase of plots between our wide activity in the area of real estate marketplace.

Antiparochi System

The antiparochi system is undoubtedly the backbone on which was based the development of construction activity in the biggest cities of Greece such as Athens and Thessaloniki. Detached from the logic of short-lived financial gain, with a developed sense of responsibility towards society and treating with honesty and consistency to each landowner we invest successfully in the antiparochi system for more than three decades.