Design - Supervision - Construction

Construction Services


The design is the first step to the realization of any construction; it is the stage where ideas and discussions are reflected and put down in projects and specific plans. In order for a correct study to be created, experience and knowledge of the structure are required so as to foresee any possible difficulties during the implementation stage. Knowing the importance and the characteristics that a design has, we are able – after making draft plans – to align and combine your requirements with our technical and planning expertise to acquire the optimum solution that will satisfy both sides.


Expertise and experience become even more valuable and mandatory as the work progresses. At that stage, quick and accurate decisions are required. Quick because any delays will affect the scheduled timing of the project, and correct because any failures would be determinant for the property as their repair might render the construction unprofitable.

Our vast experience in building projects is what allows us to undertake the construction supervision efficiently. That could be regarding the supervision of each stage of the project certifying the delivery of the work by each contractor, or regarding the on-site supervision, or even by undertaking the construction of the entire property from the beginning.


Constructions today are undergoing a transitory phase, as the needs of the market have changed. In addition to the essential requirements of safety, aesthetics and functionality, buildings need to be smart and bioclimatic. This means that emphasis should be placed not only on the cost of the construction, but to maintenance and operating costs as well. Our partnerships with experienced staff and contractors combined with our inexorable desire for implementing new methods and technologies (which justifies the novelty of our age) empower us to undertake the construction of your bioclimatic energy efficient building using new ideas and modern materials.