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Energy Performance Audit

An energy performance audit aims to the saving of energy, which applies both to the industrial and building sector and concerns all energy technologies. The term energy audit is used to define the process of assessment of the actual energy consumption in an energy system, the factors affecting them and the energy saving potential.

Our company undertakes:

  • The inspection of the building (this process is called energy performance audit) and the suggestion of appropriate solutions that suit the situation of your property and the circumstances you desire
  • The execution of all the necessary work that is needed to improve the energy performance of the building
  • The issuing of the Energy Performance Certificate

At the end of the process, you will be given the energy certificate, which will be required in any future transfer or renting of your property.

Energy Performance Certificates

The Energy Performance Certificate is the official document stating the energy class of your property. The certificate indicates the efficiency of energy of a flat taking into consideration a series of elements ((heating, insulation, orientation, studies, etc.) and finally suggests a number of solutions to improve performance.

The certificate is required in the following cases:

  • Upon completion of the construction of every new or renovated building
  • For every sale/purchase of a single building and sale/purchase of a building or any of its departments, which exceeds 50 m² *
  • For renting the whole building
  • Since 09/01/2012 to rent part of building for residence (e.g. flat) or commercial use
  • For the integration of households in the project ”Energy saving”

* The total area of a building or part of a building is the sum of square meters of the building or part of it as measured in the building permit (in accordance with the building coefficient) as well as the square meters of the building that have been legalized or settled with the existing provisions (semi-outdoor spaces that are now indoors).

Necessary Documents for the EPC 

Copies of the following items must be given during the energy performance audit to the inspector.

  • Property titles
  • Land Number (According to the National Cadastre & Mapping Agency).
  • Plans of the propriety (if there is no architecture plan, we can undertake this part for a small fee)
  • Building coverage diagram
  • Authorization for building permits after 1983
  • Thermal insulation study
  • Sheet of central heating maintenance

Energy Audit

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