Engineering Services


Engineering Services

Issuing Building Permits

Our company consists of qualified and professional employees who carry out specialized technical studies and issue building permits that meet the standards of modern life.

Legalization of Properties Built without a Permit

In every act that is signed after 21.09.2011 and has as an object the transfer of propriety is attached a formal declaration of the owner and certificate from the engineering which state and ensure respectively that the property had not run arbitrary constructions and unauthorized uses are not installed.

Engineer's Certificate

Since the day the law Ν.4014/2011(as it was amended by the law N. 4178/2013)was applicated  for each transaction including properties transfers is required a formal declaration of the owner and the engineer’s certificate which will state and ensure the legitimacy of the property concerning its constructions and its uses.

Energy Audit

Energy audit’s aims to the energy saving which applies to both industry and building sector and concerns all energy technologies. The term energy audit is used to define the process of assessment of the actual energy consumption in an energy system, the factors affecting them and the energy saving potential.

Topographical Charts

Topography deals with the detailed depiction of limited landslides and constructions and enables their topographical mapping. Nowadays, apart from that is also possible the location of each area with the aid of coordinates.