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Engineer’s Certificate

Since the day the law Ν.4014/2011(as it was amended by the law N. 4178/2013)was applicated  for each transaction including properties transfers is required a formal declaration of the owner and the engineer’s certificate which will state and ensure the legitimacy of the property concerning its constructions and its uses.

Our office with a vast expertise of the legislation, its amendments and the responsibility that the engineer takes is able to issue engineer’s certificates immediately after the engineer of our office has visited your property for autopsy.

For the issuance of the certificate , the owner is obliged to submit the following:

  • Building permit
  • Topographical charts which accompany the building permit
  • Approved drawings related to the propriety that will be transferred
  • Property titles (contract)
  • Legalizing data (in case there is any arbitrary construction that is configured with any related legislation)
  • For any questions and clarifications please feel free to call us