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Exposed Concrete Walls Ideas & Inspiration

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There are a million and one ways to use concrete, but interior decorating is unlikely to pop up first in anybody’s mind. Yet it’s just so simple and attractive, and it’s as versatile in the interior design world as it is in construction. 

As a unique wall treatment, concrete isn’t quite as carefree as drywall but it does come with a few interesting options – give yourconcrete walls a gorgeous texture or a smooth high gloss, paint or stain it any color you can imagine, imprint your favorite designs or score it into squares… The list goes on! This post highlights a few different approaches so you can find a fit for your style.

Inspiring exposed concrete walls and contemporary furniture create an interesting counterbalance to the traditional wooden rafters above (and keep an eye on the ceiling throughout the rest of this home for some serious ceiling envy). This space takes advantage of a little white paint to brighten the concrete walls to the right.

Up close, you can see the intricate texture of the concrete – a very stylish choice. The exposed brick wall in the background adds another nice source of texture, and makes the yellow bedding theme look even more welcoming.

Concrete walls are featured in the bedroom, as well. Although the bed does have a very lovely headboard, the designer placed a painting partially behind it which serves as a convenient way to close the gap between the floor and the high ceilings.

An incredible variety of windows and skylights helps to fill in the expansive surface area as well. The skylights are especially admirable – what a nice layout for stargazing! The pendant lamps are from the AIM collection by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec.

Smooth lighted shelving, a nice window view, and a comfortable armchair are the only ingredients needed for a cozy reading nook.

Rough concrete in the shower makes the bold marble look even more dramatic.

This artistic home features a very fine texture on the concrete walls, quite smooth compared to the distressed style that seems so popular these days. Cheerful decor and furniture looks so homey and comfortable. The colorful geometric rug, pair of city-themed prints, and playfully mismatched pillows all play a role in softening the aesthetic of the concrete.

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