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Insulating veil of plants envelops stunning seaside home in Mexico

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Nature-inspired design has never looked so good. Los Angeles-based Ezequiel Farca Architects have camouflaged a seaside villa in Mexico with a lush green envelope. The two-story Vallarta House is carpeted in a massive green roof and vertical greenery on the exterior, while the sea-facing facade provides spectacular views of the Pacific bay.

The eight-bedroom vacation home was designed to provide every possible amenity for vacationers. Along with the jaw-dropping ocean views, the home includes a home gym, home theater, two Jacuzzis, swimming pool, fire pit, and several multi-functional gathering spaces. For optimal views and natural lighting, every room has floor-to-ceiling windows that open to private terraces.

The main living and dining room on the ground floor open up into the pool and terrace area, creating a seamless interior-exterior integration throughout the home. The interior design scheme borrows from 1950’s modernism to enhance the architectural style.

As for sustainability, the designers chose to use natural stone and concrete walls that both provide passive cooling during hot seasons. Additionally, the massive green rooftop and green walls help insulate the house, reducing the need for artificial air-conditioning. Aesthetically, the greenery also helps blend the home into the natural landscape.

Photography by Jaime Navarro and Roland Halbe

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