Legalization of arbitrary properties

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Legalization of properties built without a permit [law 4178/13]

For every act signed after the 21st Sept 2011 with the intention of the transfer of a propriety, a solemn declaration of the owner and certificate from an engineer must be submitted, which state and ensure respectively that the property does not include any constructions built without a permit and that no unauthorised uses are installed. For this reason it would be wise for every citizen that has any doubts concerning the compliance of their property to carefully check their building and the building permit with the help of their engineer. This is a very important step, as it will save the property owner from unpleasant surprises during the transfer of their propriety. In addition, citizens should be aware that the time available for them to make use of a regulation to legalise any non-compliances is limited.

Our Office

The legislation regarding the legalising process of illegal constructions is complex and requires special attention because of the temporary duration of the validity of the law. Our office, with a complete knowledge of the case laws, circulars and updates on permits, undertakes responsibly the handling of your property integration process under the Ν.4178/13 law. The entire process requires no transfer on your behalf, as an engineer from our office will visit you and your property for inspection, information and the collection of necessary documents for the initiation of the procedure.

Contact us directly for information concerning the amount of fine that corresponds to you property and get informed for our offers about the cost of the engineer.