Market Guide

Nowadays, purchasing or renting a property to house your residential or business needs requires a significant proportion of your money. But how will you be able to know which option is closer to meet your needs?

So, either you are thinking of buying or renting the flat (or house) or the commercial property (e.g. offices) you desire, you should keep in mind the following to avoid taking a bad decision.

  • 1st Stage: Buying or Renting? It is certain that if you have the required amount of money, choosing to purchase the property is preferable, since in most cases the instalment of loan does not differ significantly from the rent that you would pay for the same property.
  • 2nd Stage: The parameters that determine the value of a property are usually three; the location, the size and the quality of construction. Evaluate what you can afford financially and set your requirements according to that, in order to make a plan of doing a market research to find the property that covers your needs in the best way possible. The area that you prefer for the property, the capacity that you approximately wish it to have, and a defined price range which you can meet are the facts which will allow you to select the most appropriate option more easily.
  • 3rd stage: Either with the help of a professional real estate agent or on your own, visit as many properties meet, more or less, your basic requirements. After completing the first round of your research, you should choose two (maximum three) attractive cases and then request a visit to see the properties again so as to form a complete picture and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages and how they measure against each other.
  • 4th stage: As soon as you decide which property mostly fulfills your requirements, you should get in touch with the representative or the owner of the constructions company to express your interest and discover if there is the possibility of an agreement between the two parties.

“Gazepidis Constructions” recommends (especially when it comes to buying a propriety) that you contact a recognized construction company with years of experience and activity in order to be sure of the quality of construction of the property. Furthermore, it is certain that in such a case you will clearly enjoy excellent service in any repairs or defects that you may encounter during the first time using your new property.

Contact us and get informed of the availability of our properties which are built with care and under the supervision of «Gazepidis Constructions». Perhaps one of these properties will become yours.