Property Management Services

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Our company undertakes with great responsibility to provide you with any service related to the management of your property, thus contributing to saving time for you as well as a better property control.

Nowadays, monitoring and controlling real estate issues has become a difficult matter for an owner’s everyday life, both because of the time they require and because of the complexity of the processes that need to take place on an ongoing basis. In particular, where the number of real estate is large or even more when the properties are rented or available for rent, the volume of work is increasing and their management becomes more complex. GCONSTRUCTIONS is next to you as a valuable partner, utilizing its many years of experience in this field.

Indicatively we mention some aspects of management that our company can undertake after your authorization as a whole but also individually according to your own needs and for the time you want.

  • Tracking and paying bills
  • Tracking and payment shared expenses of the building
  • Tenant Finding Procedures
  • Collection of rents
  • Compliance of property data with the legal framework
  • Taking over paperwork, communication and procedures in public services  for issues that arise with real estate
  • Collection of necessary supporting documents in case of sale

** The concept of real estate management includes only the management services and not the costs, accounts, taxes, fees and various payments, which are the sole responsibility of the owner or the tenant. For these specific costs, the owner will be informed and an official document will be delivered as evidence of their payment.

In case the tenant does not comply with his obligations, our company will forward the matter to the owner, suggesting also a lawyer.