Maroussi, 30 Nemeseos Str, “M”

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Νεμέσεως 30, Μαρούσι 151 24, Ελλάδα
For Sale €180,000 - Apartments, Offices
65.50 m2 2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms


Having in mind the clear tendency for quality construction in upgraded and functional areas, our companies invested their constructive knowledge in a remarkable complex of apartments in the newly built and hospitable area of  Agios Thomas Maroussi at 30 Nemeseos Street.

Taking into consideration the high quality of construction that always accompanies our buildings and the excellent location of the particular property it is realized that this is a top investment option with a prosperous prospect!


Property Description

Modern apartment that meets high standards of anti-seismic features. It has a living room, a kitchen, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It has a separate entrance from the rest of the block of flats, it has a total area of 65.50 sqm and it is accompanied by a storage room of more than 9 sqm. An important advantage is that it can be used also as office.

Important points of the area-facilities

Just a short distance from this apartment, there are the OAKA bus stops, local public transport stops, the metro stations “Eirini” and “Neratziotissa” where one can also use the suburban railway towards the Airport: all these transport solutions provide the opportunity to move anywhere in the city in the most flexible way. At the same time, there is a hub for entry to Attiki Odos, the most modern road that connects the airport with highways and the suburbs of the city.

In the neighboring area of Lykovrisi is the English-speaking school “St. Catherine’s British School “, while the” International School of Athens “school is also located in the northern part of Kifissia, which also has an English-speaking kindergarten and nursery school” Natasha’s Wonderland “.

Within 500 meters there is the famous OAKA sports facilities with stadiums and a variety of sports activities, where concerts of major international artists are also organized. Also the “Mall” and “Avenue” are the best shopping centers of the Northern Suburbs, with stores that cover every need in shopping as well as entertainment with cinema restaurants, coffee pastry shops.

In direct access one can receive quality health services as the hospitals “ATHENS MEDICAL CENTER”, “YGEIA” “Sismanoglio”, as well as the “IASO” and “MITERA” maternity clinics and the “Pediatric Clinic” IASO PAIDON “are located nearby.



The apartment is sold rented as a permanent source of income. It is suitable for use via AIRBNB.

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Floor Plans

Maroussi, 30 Nemeseos Str, "M"

Maroussi, 30 Nemeseos Str, “M”

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