Construction Services


High aesthetic standards, quality constructions and impeccable practical functionality in renovations, repairs, residential additions, commercial interiors and exteriors.

A renovation is not a simple issue, as it requires various different specific goals realised by professionals of different fields, who also need to take into consideration their compliance with the technical restrictions, the cost, time and quality.

Realizing a renovation in your area:

– Your space becomes more functional and easy to use.
– Increases the real value of the property in case of rent or sale.

To improve the energy performance of our building we can even upgrade its on energy performance with improved insulation, installation of passive solar systems, installation of shading systems, prediction of natural ventilation systems, selection of energy saving lighting systems, making it a smart home.

With our experienced and talented potential, our team converts the idea into creation. Modern, sustainable planning and bioclimatic architecture are the means to achieve a higher standard of life for the people who live and work in the spaces created.

Watching every project at all stages of development, we can establish a working program and define the financial goals.