Safe Property Transactions

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Safe Property Transactions

Gconstructions guarantees safe property transfer procedures. It is very important for you to know that a responsible company with years of history in the Greek market undertakes the task of organizing all needed for a safe and valid contract according to the Greek laws.

After you have chosen the ideal property for you, we start the procedure of the purchase of the property.

Thus we undertake a number of tasks:

  • We undertake all the tasks for having your papers ready for a property purchase in Greece.
  • Our lawyers check every possible aspect of the property’s legality.
  • Our civil engineers also check the property’s architectural terms and issue the proper documents.
  • After the thorough controls, we issue all the documents and papers needed by the notary for drawing up the purchase contract.
  • Our notary undertakes all the legal procedures towards the signing of the contract.
  • With the completion of the contract you are finally the owner of the chosen property.

After this stage if you wish we can proceed with issuing your residence permit for you and your family.