A. Golden Visa Services

Property Selection

Our company, having a long track in the field of construction and real estate, has the right experience to raise its property standards high. The company’s active potential consists of experienced engineers who examine with detail every property we undertake.

The criteria by which we choose all the properties we will offer to our prospective customers are the following:

  1. Quality construction controlled by the staff of our engineers.
  2. A reasonable price based on the condition of the property, its age, its location, its functionality, its technical characteristics.
  3. Legality which is evidenced by documents that we have in our files, building permit, property titles, proof of settlement of sites, energy certificates.
Safe Transactions

Gconstructions guarantees safe property transfer procedures. It is very important for you to know that a responsible company with years of history in the Greek market undertakes the task of organizing all needed for a safe and valid contract according to the Greek laws.

After you have chosen the ideal property for you, we start the procedure of the purchase of the property.

Thus we undertake a number of tasks:

  • We undertake all the tasks for having your papers ready for a property purchase in Greece.
  • Our lawyers check every possible aspect of the property’s legality.
  • Our civil engineers also check the property’s architectural terms and issue the proper documents.
  • After the thorough controls, we issue all the documents and papers needed by the notary for drawing up the purchase contract.
  • Our notary undertakes all the legal procedures towards the signing of the contract.
  • With the completion of the contract you are finally the owner of the chosen property.

After this stage if you wish we can proceed with issuing your residence permit for you and your family.

Golden Visa Issuing

Our company undertakes, upon your own authorization, all the procedures necessary for the issuance of a Golden Visa (residence permit) for you and your family members, with the purchase of real estate over 250,000 euros.

In particular, the services include: a proxy, the collection of supporting documents for the application, the payment of allowances, the submission of an application to the competent body, the receipt of a temporary license and a final permit.

Property Management Services

Our company undertakes with great responsibility to provide you with any service related to the management of your property, thus contributing to saving time for you as well as a better property control.

Nowadays, monitoring and controlling real estate issues has become a difficult matter for an owner’s everyday life, both because of the time they require and because of the complexity of the processes that need to take place on an ongoing basis. In particular, where the number of real estate is large or even more when the properties are rented or available for rent, the volume of work is increasing and their management becomes more complex. GCONSTRUCTIONS is next to you as a valuable partner, utilizing its many years of experience in this field.

Indicatively we mention some aspects of management that our company can undertake after your authorization as a whole but also individually according to your own needs and for the time you want.

  • Tracking and paying bills
  • Tracking and payment shared expenses of the building
  • Tenant Finding Procedures
  • Collection of rents
  • Compliance of property data with the legal framework
  • Taking over paperwork, communication and procedures in public services  for issues that arise with real estate
  • Collection of necessary supporting documents in case of sale

** The concept of real estate management includes only the management services and not the costs, accounts, taxes, fees and various payments, which are the sole responsibility of the owner or the tenant. For these specific costs, the owner will be informed and an official document will be delivered as evidence of their payment.

In case the tenant does not comply with his obligations, our company will forward the matter to the owner, suggesting also a lawyer.

B. Engineering Services

Issuing Building Permits

Our company consists of qualified and professional employees who carry out specialized technical studies and issue building permits that meet the standards of modern life.

Over the years we have gained important experience and continuous  training which enabled us to create for you innovative , inventive and realistic solutions for your residence or business.

Legalization of arbitrary properties

Legalization of properties built without a permit [law 4178/13]

For every act signed after the 21st Sept 2011 with the intention of the transfer of a propriety, a solemn declaration of the owner and certificate from an engineer must be submitted, which state and ensure respectively that the property does not include any constructions built without a permit and that no unauthorised uses are installed. For this reason it would be wise for every citizen that has any doubts concerning the compliance of their property to carefully check their building and the building permit with the help of their engineer. This is a very important step, as it will save the property owner from unpleasant surprises during the transfer of their propriety. In addition, citizens should be aware that the time available for them to make use of a regulation to legalise any non-compliances is limited.

Our Office

The legislation regarding the legalising process of illegal constructions is complex and requires special attention because of the temporary duration of the validity of the law. Our office, with a complete knowledge of the case laws, circulars and updates on permits, undertakes responsibly the handling of your property integration process under the Ν.4178/13 law. The entire process requires no transfer on your behalf, as an engineer from our office will visit you and your property for inspection, information and the collection of necessary documents for the initiation of the procedure.

Contact us directly for information concerning the amount of fine that corresponds to you property and get informed for our offers about the cost of the engineer.

Engineer’s Certificate

Since the day the law Ν.4014/2011(as it was amended by the law N. 4178/2013)was applicated  for each transaction including properties transfers is required a formal declaration of the owner and the engineer’s certificate which will state and ensure the legitimacy of the property concerning its constructions and its uses.

Our office with a vast expertise of the legislation, its amendments and the responsibility that the engineer takes is able to issue engineer’s certificates immediately after the engineer of our office has visited your property for autopsy.

For the issuance of the certificate , the owner is obliged to submit the following:

  • Building permit
  • Topographical charts which accompany the building permit
  • Approved drawings related to the propriety that will be transferred
  • Property titles (contract)
  • Legalizing data (in case there is any arbitrary construction that is configured with any related legislation)
  • For any questions and clarifications please feel free to call us
Energy Certificates

Energy Performance Audit

An energy performance audit aims to the saving of energy, which applies both to the industrial and building sector and concerns all energy technologies. The term energy audit is used to define the process of assessment of the actual energy consumption in an energy system, the factors affecting them and the energy saving potential.

Our company undertakes:

  • The inspection of the building (this process is called energy performance audit) and the suggestion of appropriate solutions that suit the situation of your property and the circumstances you desire
  • The execution of all the necessary work that is needed to improve the energy performance of the building
  • The issuing of the Energy Performance Certificate
  • At the end of the process, you will be given the energy certificate, which will be required in any future transfer or renting of your property.

Energy Performance Certificates

The Energy Performance Certificate is the official document stating the energy class of your property. The certificate indicates the efficiency of energy of a flat taking into consideration a series of elements ((heating, insulation, orientation, studies, etc.) and finally suggests a number of solutions to improve performance.

The certificate is required in the following cases:

  • Upon completion of the construction of every new or renovated building
  • For every sale/purchase of a single building and sale/purchase of a building or any of its departments, which exceeds 50 m²*
  • For renting the whole building
  • Since 09/01/2012 to rent part of building for residence (e.g. flat) or commercial use
  • For the integration of households in the project ”Energy saving”

* The total area of a building or part of a building is the sum of square meters of the building or part of it as measured in the building permit (in accordance with the building coefficient) as well as the square meters of the building that have been legalized or settled with the existing provisions (semi-outdoor spaces that are now indoors).

Necessary Documents for the EPC

Copies of the following items must be given during the energy performance audit to the inspector.

  • Property titles
  • Land Number (According to the National Cadastre & Mapping Agency)
  • Plans of the propriety (if there is no architecture plan, we can undertake this part for a small fee)
  • Building coverage diagram
  • Authorization for building permits after 1983
  • Thermal insulation study
  • Sheet of central heating maintenance

Energy Audit

  • Form of interest

For more information you can call at +302106180806 or send us message here

Topographical charts

Topography deals with the detailed depiction of limited landslides and constructions and enables their topographical mapping.

Nowadays, the siting and the location of each area through the use of coordinates are also possible.

Group Scale3 and its colleagues can undertake all kinds of surveying and topographical mapping throughout Greece.

By having in our hands all the essential equipment, we are able to meet the latest demands of our profession as well as to offer you reasonable prices, reliable work and punctuality in delivery deadlines.

C. Constructions Services

Antiparochi System


The antiparochi system is undoubtedly the backbone on which was based the development of construction activity in the biggest cities of Greece such as Athens and Thessaloniki.

Detached from the logic of short-lived financial gain, with a developed sense of responsibility towards society and treating with honesty and consistency to each landowner we invest successfully in the antiparochi system for more than three decades.

So, if you are own land and you are planning to get in touch with a reputable construction company which fills the requirements we just described you , feel free to contact us to enable the prospects of a possible cooperation between us.

Design – Supervision – Construction


The design is the first step to the realization of any construction; it is the stage where ideas and discussions are reflected and put down in projects and specific plans.

In order for a correct study to be created, experience and knowledge of the structure are required so as to foresee any possible difficulties during the implementation stage.

Knowing the importance and the characteristics that a design has, we are able – after making draft plans – to align and combine your requirements with our technical and planning expertise to acquire the optimum solution that will satisfy both sides.


Expertise and experience become even more valuable and mandatory as the work progresses.

At that stage, quick and accurate decisions are required.

Quick because any delays will affect the scheduled timing of the project, and correct because any failures would be determinant for the property as their repair might render the construction unprofitable.

Our vast experience in building projects is what allows us to undertake the construction supervision efficiently.

That could be regarding the supervision of each stage of the project certifying the delivery of the work by each contractor, or regarding the on-site supervision, or even by undertaking the construction of the entire property from the beginning.


Constructions today are undergoing a transitory phase, as the needs of the market have changed. In addition to the essential requirements of safety, aesthetics and functionality, buildings need to be smart and bioclimatic.

This means that emphasis should be placed not only on the cost of the construction, but to maintenance and operating costs as well.

Our partnerships with experienced staff and contractors combined with our inexorable desire for implementing new methods and technologies (which justifies the novelty of our age) empower us to undertake the construction of your bioclimatic energy efficient building using new ideas and modern materials.


High aesthetic standards, quality constructions and impeccable practical functionality in renovations, repairs, residential additions, commercial interiors and exteriors.

A renovation is not a simple issue, as it requires various different specific goals realised by professionals of different fields, who also need to take into consideration their compliance with the technical restrictions, the cost, time and quality.

Realizing a renovation in your area:

  • Your space becomes more functional and easy to use
  • Increases the real value of the property in case of rent or sale

To improve the energy performance of our building we can even upgrade its on energy performance with improved insulation, installation of passive solar systems, installation of shading systems, prediction of natural ventilation systems, selection of energy saving lighting systems, making it a smart home.

With our experienced and talented potential, our team converts the idea into creation.

Modern, sustainable planning and bioclimatic architecture are the means to achieve a higher standard of life for the people who live and work in the spaces created.

Watching every project at all stages of development, we can establish a working program and define the financial goals.

Purchase of plots

The prosperity of our companies, which is the result of the prudent and rational financial management that their directors have shown over time, has enabled us to give priority to the purchase of plots amongst our other activities in the real estate marketplace.

Once you introduce your land to us and your desire to collaborate with our company, we will then be able to promptly provide you with an objective estimation, which will then be converted into a formal financial market proposal from our company.

The integrated and considerable negotiation capacity that is adopted by the representatives of «GAZEPIDIS CONSTRUCTIONS» and «GAZEPIDIS GROUP» leads us to the full ownership of the vast majority of the land that our company is building on.

Therefore we highly recommend that you get in touch directly with us so that the best possible use of your real estate can become our common pursuit.

D. Consultant Services

Consultant Services


The complicated legislation and bureaucracy that dominates in our country, coupled with the complexity of a construction, which consists of several stages and includes many different disciplines, lead very often people to disappointments and citizens in deadlock.

Using our market know-how as a weapon, our experience in manufacturing and our collaboration with a reliable network of partners, we provide free counseling for your problem. Contact our team to solve together the technical, urban or even your bureaucratic problem.