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World’s first Nordic Eco-labelled apartments completed in Copenhagen

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The world’s first Nordic Eco-labelled project just wrapped up construction in one of Copenhagen’s most desirable areas. Designed by Danish architects Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects and COBE, the award-winning Krøyers Plads development infuses a historic site in the center of the Copenhagen harbor with contemporary, eco-friendly construction. The five-story housing project meets stringent levels for sustainability and is nearly 40 percent more energy efficient than the legal requirements.

Krøyers Plads occupies a coveted waterfront site—next to the world’s best restaurant, Noma, and opposite the Royal Playhouse—that had sat empty for years due to disagreements over the best ways to handle the historically and culturally sensitive site. Given the site’s reputation as an architectural and political battlefield, Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects and COBE’s award winning design is a major breakthrough. Created through a process that the designers call “hyper-democratic,” the development is a modern interpretation of the rows of 300-year-old industrial warehouses that sit perpendicular to the harbor.

“The neighbours were for instance invited to help define the height of the buildings and to help select the materials – both crucial for the way the new Krøyers Plads relates to its surroundings. Instead of inventing a new building typology, Krøyers Plads became a reinvention of the one already found adjacent to the site – the industrial warehouse,” says Dan Stubbergaard, Founder and Creative Director at COBE. Krøyers Plads’ three five-story housing units comprise 105 apartments ranging from 79 to 250 square meters in size that overlook the water. The ground floor houses restaurants, shops, and a supermarket. The apartments are the first in the world to achieve the Nordic Ecolabel and recently won the Green Good Design Award in January 2017.

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